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Let’s get one thing clear: manufactured homes are NOT mobile homes. Though some people still refer to manufactured homes as mobile homes, they are actually very different. Mobile homes were built before 1976 and abide by different government standards than the manufactured homes of today. This confusion is part of the reason why there is a negative connotation associated with manufactured homes: people still believe they’re like those shabby aluminum trailers that we see in the middle of the desert in alien movies. Or they think of trailer parks and rednecks. Manufactured homes are much more than that and some even rival the nicest site-built homes. Manufactured homes come with a lot of great advantages as well.

Customization & Variety

One of the best things about purchasing a manufactured home is that you’ll have total control over the building process. There is a variety of house types and floor plans to choose from, so you can tailor your home to your liking.

Fast Build

A manufactured home takes about 1/3 the time to build as compared to a site-built home. This means that buyers of manufactured homes can move in much sooner. On-site homes deal with a lot of risks that can cause delays like weather issues, shortage of materials, or contractor unavailability. Manufactured homes are usually built in doors, so weather is not an issue. Also, manufactured home builders are often building more than one home at once, so there is an abundance of materials.

Insurance Coverage

Living in a manufactured home does come with risks. Thankfully, owners of these homes can obtain manufactured home insurance. These insurance policies cover things like damage to the home, injury inside the home, transportation, and more. There are many great policies to compliment all of your living needs. Many insurance providers, like American Modern Insurance, offer coverage for mobile homes.

Environmentally Efficient

Due to government regulations, manufactured homes are required to meet certain efficiency standards when they are built. Because of these standards, many manufactured homes are energy efficient and more sustainable than standard site-built homes. Some manufacturers even partner with the Energy Star program which ensures that homes are built to the Energy Star efficiency standards.


Because you’re not buying an existing property in a neighborhood with amenities that affect the value, manufactured homes are usually cheaper than traditional homes. When you purchase a manufactured home all you’re really paying for is the materials and labor to build the home, the set-up of sewage and electricity, and the plot of land the home is on.


Trailer parks are a thing of the past. Now manufactured homes are built in communities that look as nice as the classiest gated communities. These communities are usually filled with like-minded people and are tight-knit. And, since you get to choose where your home is placed, you never have to worry about ending up in a “bad neighborhood.”

Manufactured homes are a great option for people who want to live in their dream house at an affordable price.American Modern Insurance - Modular home insurance If you do decide to purchase one of these homes, remember to purchase some manufactured home insurance. You can get an American Modern mobile home coverage quote online now!

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